JR Metal Products

JR Metal is a growing company with fabrication services and products spanning multiple industries:

Agriculture, transportation, and health and fitness being just a few.
Because of our family of brands, we are capable of building just about anything.

The JR Metal Products Story

JR Metal Products began with John Petersheim. After years of experience working in metal framing and construction, John honed his skills as well as a keen business sense. He noticed how even the smallest components make the biggest difference in a product – and that materials need to be the best to build the best.

From that point on, John was dedicated to crafting high quality products from start to finish. He started JR Metal Products in 1997, and his philosophy lives on to this day.

 Our experience of hands-on fabrication, machining, welding, and assembly is unparalleled. Our team members are made up of metal fabricators, machinists, welders, and quality assurance people.

The right part is the one that meets or exceeds specs, is delivered on time, and is priced right. Our equipment, added with our experienced machinists, enables our customers to work with us from the start on the most effective design needs.

Our unique and varied capabilities allow us to produce high quality units at competitive prices and quick turn-around times. Our products are held to a higher standard, and inspected for premium quality. We simply don’t accept anything less than the best at JR Metal Products.

The History of GroundBusters

In 2004, the first GroundBusters spreader was created. The GroundBusters brand grew its product line to include five types of spreader and two types of tilling machines. Now, we’re happy to call ourselves part of the growing family of companies within JR Metal Products.

GroundBusters manufactures top-of-the-line Drop Spreaders and Tilling Machines designed farmers, landscapers, food plotters, and commercial operations. Our agricultural equipment is extremely heavy duty, smart, and efficient. So whether your goal is to till, plant and fertilize your small farm, improve the efficiency of your landscaping business, or spread products for commercial business, we have the best agricultural equipment to meet your needs.

The History of J. Thomas Ltd

J. Thomas LTD joined the JR Metal Products family of brands in 2018. It brought unparalleled expertise in manufacturing rugged and durable street hardware that can withstand the toughest applications.

The combined capabilities of  J. Thomas LTD and the JR Metal Products commitment to excellence , give us the expertise needed to produce the high-quality street hardware that J. Thomas is known for.

With our quality assurance capabilities we’ve been able to take the J. Thomas brand line to the next level in terms of precision, durability, and functionality.

The History of Zimmerman Elevators

With Zimmerman Elevators, JR Metal Products became solidified in the Agriculture production industry in 2015.

Their elevators and scraping technology take farming to the next level, and create much needed time in the field.

The JR Metal Guarantee

JR Metal Products is is dedicated to providing high quality goods and services to our clients. With a perfected process, and unwavering resolve for making outstanding products, we don’t accept anything less. We hold ourselves and our products to a higher standard, and check our product lines thoroughly.

At JR Metal Products, most of our manufacturing and assembly is done in the same facility. We reduce back-and-forth with an organized floorplan to keep everything moving smoothly. We get it done by keeping our warehouse efficient so we can pass that efficiency on to our clients.