A Full-Service Fabrication Shop

JR Metal is a one-stop machining facility with everything you need for production from beginning to end. We can handle anything from basic component assembly to custom large-scale fabrication; all in the same building.

Our Services

Custom Fabrication

Our fabricators are trained in an array of machines and are prepared to manufacture just about anything. We use horizontal band saws, ironworkers, press brakes, and duplicators to shape metal in any possible way. With a blueprint, we can build it.

Professional Welding

Our highly skilled, certified welders use TIG, MIG, and SMAW techniques for our welding projects. For optimum precision on the most detailed projects, we use automated welding machines as well. Combining our technicians with our automated capabilities makes for a finely-tuned end product.

Unrivaled CNC and Manual Machining

We utilize state-of-the-art CNC lathes and CNC vertical machines for both intricate and simple metalwork. Our technicians are trained in operating these machines to their highest capacity, and making products tight to specifications.
Sometimes a product needs a personal touch. Our technicians are experienced in manual milling, drilling, and grinding machines as well. Our staff has training in a variety of manual lathes and cylindrical grinders, and is prepared for any project.

Pristine Cleaning and Finishing

When cleaning, we use techniques like sand blasting and glass bead blasting to remove stubborn debris. After cleaning, we finish products with vibratory deburring, to keep surfaces smooth. We then arrange plating and coating for a finished, clean product.

Tube Forming/Bending

We have the capabilities to form and bend tubes for a variety of applications from large to small. Whether your application is in health and fitness, agriculture, or construction, we can create a product that fits your needs.

CAD Drawings

As a part of our quality assurance procedures we will create a drawing in a CAD software, such as Master CAM, Solid Works, or SolidCAM. This ensures a quality product, built to spec, every time. At JR Metal Products, we don’t cut any corners to ensure that you receive the best quality product that will perform to your expectations.

Efficient Processes and High-Quality Manufacturing

At JR Metal Products we’re all about quality and maximizing efficiency. Our quality assurance capabilities are unparalleled thanks to the investments we’ve made in our quality control machines. We have some of the most advanced machinery available, allowing us to achieve the tight tolerances often required in industrial fabrication.

With our rigorous processes and procedures, you can rest assured that our products are the highest quality on the market.

The JR Metal Guarantee

JR Metal is is dedicated to providing high quality goods and services to our clients. With a perfected process, and unwavering resolve for making outstanding products, we don’t accept anything less. We hold ourselves and our products to a higher standard, and check our product lines thoroughly.