Aluminum Carriage Parts

Carriage Parts by JR Metal

At JR Metal, we are uniquely qualified to produce aluminum products. Our skilled technicians know how to work with softer metals, and produce strong products. We can fabricate many products in aluminum, but focus on producing carriage parts and accessories. Our biggest seller, the aluminum wheel, is a lightweight and durable piece of engineering that we are particularly proud to make.

Superior Durability

Our aluminum wheels are steadfast and durable in any road conditions you may need to face. Rust resistant and powerful, they are ready for the roughest weather and road wear imaginable. In fact, when compared to wood wheels our aluminum comes out ahead in strength.

Lightweight Design

Aluminum is remarkably light for how strong it is. Using aluminum for your carriage parts reduces drag and keeps your carriage on the move. Lighter carriage weight means less fatigue for your horse, too. So you can travel at top speed without needing to worry. It’s a smoother ride, and it’s cheaper than steel.