Manhole Risers

Paving projects can be time consuming, especially with “build-up” or “brick-up” methods. Our Manhole Riser Rings are lightweight and easy to install – so you can avoid using a backhoe and rerouting traffic for days.

They’re approved by Pennsylvania, New York, and Maryland with certifications from PennDOT, NYSDOT, and MDOT. Made with top-tier steel and set to meet any street situation, they’re the perfect solution for paving projects.

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Catch Basin Risers

Storm drain inlets can be a snag in any paving project. Catch Basin Risers can mean the difference between rerouting traffic for days on end and getting the job done in minutes. Instead of trying “build-up” or “brick-up” for your catch basins during paving, our risers speed everything up without sacrificing quality.

They’re simple to install, and with their lightweight build you won’t need a backhoe or a large crew. Approved by PennDOT, NYSDOT, and MDOT, these can be used in the tri-state area with no problem.

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The JR Metal Guarantee

JR Metal is is dedicated to providing high quality goods and services to our clients. With a perfected process, and unwavering resolve for making outstanding products, we don’t accept anything less. We hold ourselves and our products to a higher standard, and check our product lines thoroughly.

At JR Metal, most of our manufacturing and assembly is done in the same facility. We reduce back-and-forth with an organized floorplan to keep everything moving smoothly. We get it done by keeping our warehouse efficient so we can pass that efficiency on to our clients. Because most of our processes happen in-house, we can keep our prices competitive without compromising on quality.

The History of J. Thomas LTD

J. Thomas LTD joined the JR Metal Products family of brands in 2018. It brought unparalleled expertise in manufacturing rugged and durable street hardware that can withstand the toughest applications.

The combined capabilities of  J. Thomas LTD and the JR Metal Products commitment to excellence , give us the expertise needed to produce the high-quality street hardware that J. Thomas is known for.

With our quality assurance capabilities we’ve been able to take the J. Thomas brand line to the next level in terms of precision, durability, and functionality.