Catch Basin Risers By J. Thomas

Storm drain inlets can be a snag in any paving project. Catch Basin Risers can mean the difference between rerouting traffic for days on end and getting the job done in minutes. Instead of trying “build-up” or “brick-up” for your catch basins during paving, our risers speed everything up without sacrificing quality.

They’re simple to install, and with their lightweight build you won’t need a backhoe or a large crew. Approved by PennDOT, NYSDOT, and MDOT, these can be used in the tri-state area with no problem.

Installation is Simple

Using Catch Basin Risers, you won’t need to move the storm drain or add cement to adjust height. The grates can stay in their fixed position by simply adding a steel riser underneath. Once the grate is removed, the riser can be placed the same day.

Top Quality Materials

We use ASTM 36 H.R. steel as standard, but other grades are available. All of our welding is to AWS D 1.1 specifications, and our risers have no inclusions or slag.

The steel for our risers is hot-rolled for long life and heavy-duty wear. For maximum durability, we coat them in a rust and weather-resistant spray. Made with high quality steel and set to meet any street requirements, they’re the ideal solution for storm drains while paving.