Manhole Riser Rings

Paving projects can be time consuming, especially with “build-up” or “brick-up” methods. Manhole Riser Rings from JR Metal are lightweight and easy to install – so you can avoid using a backhoe and rerouting traffic for days.

They’re approved by Pennsylvania, New York, and Maryland with certifications from PennDOT, NYSDOT, and MDOT. Made with top-tier steel and set to meet any street situation, they’re the perfect solution for paving projects.

Riser Ring Measurement Form

Easy Installation

With Manhole Riser Rings, there’s no need to remove the existing manhole frame from its embedded position. Our rings are dropped into place the same day the paver is in operation – reducing the need to reroute traffic.

A single turnbuckle with a ¾” stainless steel bolt is the only adjustment needed for our Manhole Riser Rings. In a matter of minutes, one person can drop in our extension ring or frame, adjust it, and replace the cover.

Fabricated Steel Specifications

Our standard is ASTM 36 H.R. steel, although other grades are available. There are no inclusions or slag, and all welding is to AWS D 1.1 specifications. We use unparalleled quality 3/4″ stainless steel turnbuckles that are adjustable for tight fit and close tolerance.

Our Manhole Riser Rings are made with heavy duty hot-rolled steel for long life and better wear. They’re also sprayed with a rust and weather-resistant coating for ultimate durability. In addition, they stack neatly without warping for long-term storage if necessary.